naive: in defense of hannah abbott


After the first death at Hogwarts in decades, a death that tarnished a record and started a war, Albus Dumbledore stood up to address his student body.

"Remember, if the time should come, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory."

And at the Hufflepuff table a girl with pigtails fumed.

"Why are you giving him their word?" Hannah Abbott wanted to demand. "Call him loyal, call him fair, strong, steady. You’re a billion years old, Headmaster. Surely you can think of a word for a hero that isn’t Gryffindor’s."

Dumbledore called him brave. You-Know-Who called him the spare. Cho wept, but never as much as Amos Diggory did.

Hannah climbed into cold sheets that night, in a room hung with yellow and black. She stayed curled up, eyes open, for hours. He was ours.

He wouldn’t have bled black and yellow, no, but Cedric had lived it. He had died by it—sportsmanship in the middle of chaos, two boys taking the cup’s handle together and disappearing into a place only one of them would come back from.

They say fairness is kind. Kind. Hannah kept tissues stuffed up her sleeves. If she burst out laughing in the library, no one asked why. If she cried they thought they understood.

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silly: in defense of parvati patil (in memory of lavender brown)


The students of Dumbledore’s Army had many badges. A gold coin that called them first to lessons and then to war. Scar tissue that ran across the back of many of their hands. I must not tell lies.

Another: the sound of clacking footsteps on stone sent each and every one of them scattering, even years after. The only people bold enough to walk loudly were not safe.

Parvati went out on the anniversary of not the battle but the day she left Gryffindor Tower for the DA and the Room of Requirement. She bought a pair of heels, their red as loud as the sound they made on hard floors.

Dennis Creevey sent her Muggle sneakers for Christmas and she wore those when she needed to be stealthy (scuffed purple and white peeking out from beneath her robes) but she wore the heels on office days, interrogations, on nights out, because she wanted to be unafraid, because she wanted to be the scariest thing in the room.

Every member of the DA was offered a spot in the Aurors. They considered that last year of occupation to be a sufficient resume. After two weeks of living quietly at home, in peacetime, jumping at noises her parents didn’t even hear, Parvati Patil signed up for basic training with the Aurors.

They taught her charms and curses she had learned from the other end of crueler teachers’ wands. After a seminar on resisting torture, Parvati went up to teacher (a jovial, jowly little man) and handed him the seminar handout she’d been given. She’d scrawled it over with notes and corrections, with advice and torture techniques they hadn’t covered.

Parvati smiled at him, knowing his eyes were seizing over her fine cheekbones, her pretty eyes, her lovely cursive, and then she went and locked herself in a broomcloset and tried to decide if she wanted to laugh or cry. Either way, she wanted to do it so hard that she couldn’t breathe.

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High court verdict spells the end for Australian immigration detention as we know it 





Holy shit. How did I miss this?

I’m struggling with brain dog today, can somebody summarise this for me?

According to the author of the article, who’s a senior legal academic: 

- Scott Morrison’s attempt at circumventing parliament to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas is invalid

- There are constitutional limits on detention that cannot be overridden by parliament

- The government can only lawfully detain someone in three circumstances: to consider whether or not to let someone apply for a visa; to consider an application for a visa; or to remove someone.

- Detention is only lawful if these purposes are being “pursued and carried into effect as soon as reasonably practicable”

- Indefinite detention has been reined the hell in, although I don’t quite understand how much

RISE have only commented on the specific case and the Refugee Rights Action Network haven’t responded yet so there’s a few questions I don’t get yet. I’m surprised there isn’t a lot more being said about it than there is right now.

Thank you!!

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Writer Beware 



Writer Beware makes posts on which publishing houses to avoid at all costs, which words to look for and which words to watch out for in contracts, and several other things that will keep you in control and knowledgeable about the publishing process.  I’d suggest reading through the website if you want to avoid getting ripped off, cheated, or scammed.

I’m just going to reblog this every so often because it’s a site that every writer needs to see.

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Why GamerGate Is Destined To Fail 


What Is GamerGate?

It’s the Tea Party of video games. And Zoe Quinn is its Benghazi.

Okay, But What Is GamerGate Really?

GamerGate has been disingenuously framed as a grassroots campaign of gamers “concerned with the quality and integrity of video game journalism.” The campaign is, in…

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Yuri manga by women about women (who aren’t in high school)


Sadly a lot of them are one shots, but there’s a few longer ones. A lot of yuri manga is tragically too short and I’m always left wanting more. D: 

After some struggles with myself, I ended up putting stories about college aged women so long as it’s not “innocent school life” heavy. 

Yamaji Ebine

  • Love my Life (this one has a movie. A uni student coming out to her father and finding that her parents were both queer as well.)
  • Indigo Blue (A novelist caught between feelings for her boyfriend but also her feelings for another woman.)
  • Free Soul (22 year old aspiring manga artist writing a manga about a black jazz singer. Artist falls for a trumpeter of a jazz band.)
  • Sweet Lovin Baby (A young woman befriends a lesbian couple and falls for them. With three other short stories.)  

Morishima Akiko

  • Conditions for Paradise- An OL in love with a world hopping freelance journalist
  • We’re Aiming for Love Now (Journalist and a cutie in a cosplay store)
  • Happy Picture Diary - (REALLY FUNNY. An social worker and an editor’s daily life together. All chibi but with some really real lesbian life jokes)
  • Off-Time (an aging lesbian short one shot)
  • 20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden- (one shot, a 30 year old sensitive about her age with a 20 year old woman in her art class)
  • Princess of the Stars- (short- almost didn’t make it b/c high school flashbacks but it’s college roomies and it’s short and sweet- and challenges that “girls experiment with girls in high school then grow out of it” thing that people in Japan sometimes think)

Other Artists: 

  • Ohana Holoholo: Torino Shino (Saya lives with her bisexual former girlfriend and her son. Nico, an actor living up stairs and a close friend, drops by for a visit almost everyday.  Somewhat like family, and somewhat not, a story about their lives)
  • My Unique Day-Sakamoto Mano (women in an acting troupe together. one shot)
  • Abracadabra- Tanaka Minoru (a magician and a cute girl dealing with confessing to a girl for the first time)
  • Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep- Mizutani Fuka (two women with the same name meet. Warnings for self harm)
  • Cirque Arachne: Saida Nika (Two women working in the circus in a trapeze act. Stellar cute.)   
  • Maple Love- Otsu Hiyori (meeting in college; really cute)

Two that I recommend but are set apart from the others because one is written by a man and one is written with the male audience in mind respectively

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I know there’s more (one particularly that I wanted to put on here but couldn’t remember the title of) so feel free to add on your favorite adult queer lady manga to the list!

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oh my god i just discovered a site where you can by bulk candy by color/flavor

you can buy two pounds of exclusively pink starbursts

you can buy endless red skittles

i never thought i’d see heaven

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Pumpkin Online Aims to Include Everyone, Everywhere | Indie Game Magazine 





Okay, Tumblr, let’s make this go viral. You all know that representation in the media is desperately needed, and this game is delivering what many of the big-name games haven’t. Pumpkin Online is made by a development team headed by an African-American woman and they’re aiming to make this game as inclusive and friendly as possible. This is a farming/romance sim mixed up with an adventure MMORPG and made incredibly diverse.

You want to play a non-binary character? You got it! You want a range of races in your NPC neighbors? Done! Clothing choices and body features not restricted by gender? It’s in there! Relationships in no way affected by gender or lack of gender? Yes, that too!

Let’s get this thing going viral and help promote the Kickstarter (link in the article) so that everyone gets the chance to play the character they want to play. Reblog buttons, do your thing!


Havest Moon-esque MMO where you can be any gender (or lack thereof) or race and the game doesn’t turn your f/f relationship into a bullshit “friendship” instead of a marriage?




direct link to the Kickstarter

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The verdict on university fees is in: it's checkmate for Christopher Pyne 



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Keep up to-date on the events in Ferguson 


And in the nature of keeping everyone in the loop, please reblog this link if you’re going to spread word about it. It’s just a list, impartial, a great way to know everything from start to current events.

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Baywara: The Film 


There’s less than 24 hrs left to raise money for this very important film. If you cannot donate, please reblog! Click the link to read more about Djalu Gurruwiwi’s story.

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Creating a Race (2)
Creating Animals (2)
Disease (2)
Ecosystems (2)
Evolution (and Space)
Flora and Fauna
Inventing Species
List of Legendary Creatures
Night Vision/Color Vision
Constructed Language (Conlang)
Basics/Phonology (2) (3)
Conlang Guide
Conlang vs. English
Creating a Language (Revised)
Culture + Language
Curse Words
How to Create Your Own Language
How to Create a Language
IPA Pronunciation
Making Up Words
Culture Guides
7 Deadly Sins
Alien Cultures (2)
Alternative Medieval
Avoiding Cultural Appropriation
Avoiding Medieval Fantasy (2)
Avoiding One-Note Worlds
Avoiding Utopia
Change (2)
Class/Caste System (2)
Designing Intellectual Movements
Everything (2) (3)
Gender-Equal Societies
Historical Background for Ideas (2)
Matriarchy (2)
Static World
Wandering Peoples
Basic Economics
Currency (2) (3)
Current Global Economies
Economic Systems
Economics (1500-1800 AD)
Economics and Government
Economics for Dummies
International Trade (2)
Marxist Communism
Medieval Economics
Schools of Economic Thought
Socialism (2)
Types of Economic Systems
World Economy (2)
Everyday Life
Clothing Terminology (2) (3) (4)
Clothing Reference
Education (2)
Fame and Infamy
Food (2)
Food Timeline
Collective/Traditionalist Societies
Creating a Government
Empire (2)
Fancy Latin Names for Government
History and Politics
International Relations (2)
Justice System
Non-monarchical (2) (3)
Oppressive Government
Political Ideologies
Rise and Fall of Civilizations
Secret Societies
Shapeshifter Society
Totalitarianism, Atmosphere Necessary For
Tribal Society
Types of Government
Writing Politics
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Constructed Language (Conlang)

Culture Guides


Everyday Life


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